Advertisement Rules

The following information to be provided:

Ø Kennel Name of the Breeder (owner of mother of the puppies);

Ø Name of the Breeder;

Ø Contact information;

Ø Pedigree of the puppies;

Ø Date of Birth of the puppies;

Ø Date on which the puppies can be collected;

Ø Sex and colours of the puppies;

Ø Health status of the puppies (L2HGA, HC, etc.);

Ø Breeding restrictions that will be imposed on the puppies, if any;

Ø Contract requirements, if any;

Ø Photograph of the puppies.

2020 Advertisement Cost

·        Members: R200 for 8 weeks;

·        Non Members: R500 for 8 weeks.

Pre-requisites for the placement of the advertisement:

Ø L2HGA and HC health status must be known. Contact Inqaba Biotec for the tests.

Ø Both the Breeder and the owner of the Sire must be paid KUSA members. Membership numbers and proof must be provided.

Ø Advertisement fee to be paid into the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Transvaal’s bank account ABSA account 1057590358; Branch Code: 632 005

Ø Please send request to: Website Admin 



  1. To promote, encourage, foster and advance the breeding, well-being of and interest in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed of dogs; 
  2. To maintain observance of and adherence to the Breed Standards of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed of dogs as adopted from time to time by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa;  
  3. To organize and hold shows, match meetings, competitions in breed and other dog activities, including training for such activities recognized by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa;  
  4. To promote goodwill among all people interested in pure bred pedigree dogs as well as towards pure bred pedigree dogs and people interested in them.